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Digital Design & Content Marketing Transformation



VeilSun is a professional services firm that specializes in developing and integrating cloud-based applications that improve productivity and efficiency. VeilSun’s expertise includes diverse platforms such as QuickBase, Google Apps for Business, Salesforce, Workato, Knack and custom software development. Their team of experts deliver innovative technology solutions to almost every industry, including Healthcare, Solar, Construction, Banking and Financial.



As a successful mid-size company, VeilSun was ready to accelerate their growth. To do this, they needed to up their game and attract the next level of growth companies. The business transformation started with a go-to-market strategy, new brand positioning and a polished and professional website presence.



What We Did

  • Evaluated VeilSun's competition in the cloud app development industry, as well as their growth goals. Then we developed an integrated marketing plan with priorities and budget recommendations.
  • Developed a comprehensive messaging strategy to serve as a foundation for a new website and future marketing communications.

  • Created a modern website to raise credibility and showcase their expanded service offering.

  • Interviewed VeilSun customers and created customer case studies as downloadable PDF's to publish on their website and repurpose for blogs and emails.

  • Started the VeilSpot blog to establish thought leadership, raise credibility and increase SEO rankings.



Website traffic has been steadily increasing for the last two quarters. New marketing initiatives designed to increase visibility for new customers are now underway and VeilSun feels poised for the next level of growth.

Magnetika has been an integral part of taking our business to the next level. They take time to understand who we are and what we want—every step of the way. Their expertise is reflected in the quality of the work, including our new website. We thought we knew what we were doing until we worked with their team. We love their partnership.