Valuation Marketing™

A Marketing Program Designed to Increase Company Valuation

Interested in selling your business in one year or ten?

Magnetika offers a unique Valuation Marketing program specifically tailored to increase growth and prepare your business for sale. A well-thought-out, integrated marketing program can attract buyer interest and drive up your company value.

We’ll start with a Valuation Marketing assessment to determine whether your brand stands out from the competition. Is it clearly differentiated with a unique message and value proposition? Is the website modern and well designed? What happens when you Google the company? Is the news good, or bad? Or is there no news? And, are people engaged with your company on relevant social channels?

From this point, we’ll deliver an integrated marketing plan designed to increase growth, generate buyer interest and visibly showcase the value of your brand.


Prepare In Advance with Business Valuation Services Right for You

An important — and often overlooked — point is that generating buyer interest doesn’t happen overnight. Because the mechanics of selling a business are a lot like staging a house, the marketing process to prepare for a sale should ideally begin two to three years before the company is planning to be listed. An empty house doesn’t sell as fast — or for as much — as a house that has been strategically updated and staged with attractive furniture. And a company without professional “curb appeal” and external buzz doesn’t either. It takes up front planning to ensure a faster sale and to get the highest price. Magnetika offers multiple Valuation Marketing packages based on time to sale and whether your brand needs a tune-up, or intensive care.

Valuation Marketing Services

  • Clear Brand Messaging Differentiation
  • Modernized Brand Visual Identity
  • Professionally Designed Business Prospectus
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing


  • SEO and Paid Search Advertising
  • Professional Marketing Materials
  • Email Marketing
  • Monthly Measurement and Reporting

“Once we started working with Magnetika, I started receiving multiple inquires on LinkedIn asking if I had an interest in selling the company. This had never happened before.”

Let us help you prepare your company for sale.