Making Miracles for Orphans Around the World

Brand Strategy Transformation



The Miracle Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to the world’s orphans. With a belief that helping people help themselves is the most sustainable way to affect real change, the Miracle Foundation focuses on strengthening existing institutions and giving purposeful employment to local people in need of work. The foundations's goal is to have each orphan become a healthy, happy, income-producing person—and break out of the cycle of poverty.



The Miracle Foundation approached Magnetika with a need to clarify their message, which had become confusing internally and externally, and create an appealing, updated brand that would inspire donors to get involved.



What We Did

  • Developed a comprehensive messaging strategy to serve as a foundation for a new website and all future marketing communications.

  • Developed a new logo and established an appealing and powerful brand look.

  • Created a modern website to raise credibility for fundraising, showcase the orphans and inspire donations.

  • Turned the tables and Introduced a unique campaign for donors to show the miracles they can experience through giving.

  • Leveraged sales automation software to establish a drip email campaign and capture leads in a centralized database.

  • Created an "orange is for orphans" social media campaign for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Updated major donor presentations, annual reports, newsletters and all marketing materials.



Soon after the launch of the new website, the Miracle Foundation was featured in USA Today and attracted several large donors. Global awareness of the foundation continues to grow.

We’re in awe of Magnetika. They are a team of professionals who really listen and have an arsenal of skills ready for anything we need. Magnetika has an uncanny ability to tell our story in a way that gets right to the essence of what we do.