Your Voice is Your Message


For a marketing message to attract, it needs to clearly and concisely tell your story in a compelling way. That means:

Be clear.

Know what you do, or offer, that is different from your competition and then prove it.

Be concise.

Less is more when creating a message that attracts. It’s a lot harder to get to the essence of things than it is to be wordy. Complexity is not memorable.

Be compelling.

Most companies take the safe route and include industry jargon to sound like everyone else. It’s safe, but it doesn’t attract.


MAGNETIKA Voice & Visual Identity

Get the “It” Factor through Visual Design


Companies that achieve powerful attraction have one thing in common. They all have the “It” factor. They are: Confident, Clear, Current, Unique and Memorable.

Magnetika will bring your brand visually to life with your own “It” factor. We help companies create distinct visual identities with ownable design assets that reflect your brand message and personality. Our specialty is helping businesses grow through strategic transformation. That transformation includes how your business visually presents itself—starting with your logo, your color palette, your imagery, your website.

Be Confident, Clear, Current, Unique and Memorable. We'll help you create voice and visual identities that attract.

Magnetika Marketing Agency Brand Identity Section

Our Voice & Visual Identity Services:

  • Brand messaging and brand differentiation strategy
  • Company logo development
  • Design studies to establish brand “look” (color palette, fonts, imagery definition)