Marketing in the Attraction Zone

Is Your Brand Valuable?

Magnetika helps companies powerfully attract new customers and increase their value. Our strategy-led integrated marketing approach gives Magnetika clients the opportunity to find the clearest path through market clutter and competition—and achieve optimal growth, profitability and company valuation.

We start by differentiating your company with a unique voice and visual identity. Then we do a complete digital revamp (website, social, Google) followed by search-optimized content and digital strategies designed to create external buzz. The results? Our companies experience fast growth AND receive multiple inquiries to sell.

Magnetika Attraction Zone


Does Your Company Attract?

In business, there’s a big difference between good and great. A good brand may get noticed. But a great brand attracts. Magnetika will bring your brand to life with our unique Valuation Marketing program. We’ll help your company gain more customers, interest, buyers and buzz by having these five powerful marketing attractors.

Clear Voice Identity

Do buyers know who you are and what makes you attractive?

Unique Visual Identity

Do you have a recognizable and attractive style?

Confident Market Identity

How do you get the attention of the market?

Current Digital Identity

Are you perceived as contemporary?

Memorable Content & Social Identity

Do you sustain attraction once you’ve achieved it?

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