Five Ways to Know if Your Business Attracts

Marketing Attraction Magnetika

When we think of attraction, we tend to think of people and that powerful force that draws one to another.

Think about the people that attract you, they have a magnetic quality. They stand out from the crowd. They have “it.” Now think about the companies and brands that attract you. They also have that same magnetic quality. They have “it.”

So what exactly is “it?”

In business, “It” is a powerful and masterful draw. Companies that have “it” have brilliant marketing strategies. They don’t need to resort to complex schemes to get people interested and compelled to buy. They’ve learned how to enter the Attraction Zone™ and let the power of attraction work for them. These companies all possess five essential qualities. They are: Confident, Clear, Unique, Current and Memorable.

Now let’s find out if your business attracts. You can start by asking these five questions about your company and brand:


Do you know who you are, what you want and how to get there? (aka, do you have a strategy?)


Is your message clear and compelling?


Do you have a recognizable and appealing style?


Are you perceived as contemporary?


Do you know how to sustain attraction once you’ve achieved it?

An iconic company that has mastered marketing attraction is Apple. Back in 1997, Apple was facing death row under the leadership of John Scully. Together Microsoft and Dell were eating its lunch. Then Steve Jobs returned and changed everything. He set a clear and straightforward strategy. He was confident. Jobs knew who Apple was at its core. He knew what he wanted and set a strategy in place of how to get there. He immediately slashed a very complex line of Apple products that had become beige and boring—and way too complicated. A confusing array of nondescript products became a simple strategy of four distinct lines: laptops for consumers, laptops for pros, desktops for consumers and desktops for pros. And he brilliantly knew how to market it.

Next Jobs tackled the message. “Think Different.” These two simple words dared people to stray from the herd of beige and boring PCs. Suddenly Apple’s voice broke through the clutter with a bold message that was compelling and clear.

How about style? Apple has that in spades. From the simple, clean logo to the beautiful, sleek product and packaging design, Apple’s visual identity is unique and sleek.

Contemporary? That’s another thing Apple mastered. Apple was not only current, it created markets. The iPod revolutionized the music industry. The iPad made tablets popular. And the iPhone replaced the Blackberry. Remember those days?

It’s now been twenty years since Steve Jobs took back the reigns at Apple and the company has been nothing but memorable. Apple not only achieved attraction, but it knows how to sustain it as well.

In business, there’s a big difference between good and great. A good brand may get noticed. But a great brand attracts. Apple is an iconic example, but companies large and small can successfully apply these five attraction principles to their brand. Remember, if your message isn’t all that different from your competitors, chances are it doesn’t attract.

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